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Company Introduction

Kemic joint stock company is one of the leading trading companies in Vietnam in the field of industrial chemicals, food additives, paint additives, plastics, rubber, additives construction... With sales of hundreds tons of cargo are provided monthly to partners.

Kemic joint stock company is representative and distributor for many famous brands in the world in the field of chemicals, include as: Jesons, Cellotech, Kutch Chemical,...

By constantly striving to further develop the role of a strong company and reputation through the creation of maximum value for customers, partners and ourselves. Kemic will always strive to bring our customers the products and services with higher quality than ever before.

The objective of the Kemic joint-stock company is developing depth of ours business sectors strive to become a leading chemical supplier in the field of production of paints, plastics, rubber, production of adhesives, imitation wood, ceramic tiles, additives construction...

With the guiding principle of the human person is the most important platform for the development and success of the company, Kemic always focused on training and building a professional staff with highly specialized knowledge to meet to satisfy all requirements of the most demanding customers.

As a representative and distributor of many large chemical company in the world, Kemic learned and brought more optimal product in production. And with a team of highly professional staff Kemic brought to our customers the optimal solution from consulting engineering technology, the selection of products to suit the investment plans of our customers.

In addition to the business activities, Kemic focus to development of corporate culture. Kemic want to navigate to a friendly working environment, all employees in the company are sociable, unite together for mutual development.


Customers service



Coating: Mr. Tuong +084 904 533 669

Polymer: Mr. Duc  +084 965 029 851

Powder Coating: Mr. Khanh +084 902 243 312

Construction Chemical: Mr. Phuong +084 944 303 640